Re-Engineering of Recruitment Process at Inova Health Systems

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Employment Pages: 5 (806 words) Published: January 7, 2013
divisions of Inova Health System are:


Outpatient centers7

Long term care facilities2

Nursing visits to homeAdditional Service

Total Employees10000

HR administrationIndependent

Disadvantages of decentralised recruitments system followed by Inova:

1. Duplication of advertising expenses for same organisation

2. Advertisment expenses for last year is $ 500.000, is high

3. Units compete with one another to recruit from same labour market

4. Candidates have to apply and attend interview at each interested unit separately

5. Internal mobility is less for current employees

6. Corporate identity is not consistent, due to unit specific advertisements

7. Not able to measure recruitment effectiveness or keep statistics because of different types of record-keeping systems at each unit

8. Inefficient utilisation of sophisticated recruitment technology because it is different for each unit

Q & A:

1. How would you begin to study this problem?

I would suggest collecting more details pertaining to problems highlighted above and measure overall inefficiency or wastage due to de-centralised human resource administrations systems. Analyze HR organisation structure and number of people in each unit. Collect details of average recruitment in terms of number of candidates, average time taken to recruitment, number of internal movements, cost per recruitment, employee turn-over, reasons of resignation, and other details. Study record keeping systems at each unit and arrive at common requirements. Study if there is wide variation in compensation systems at each unit, measure differences and find reasons.

2. Might you use benchmarking in any way? How?

Yes, after analysing each unit and identification of best unit in terms of HR administrations. The parameters of such unit are taken as a bench mark. The bench marking is further corrected after analysing the market trend. The bench marking will be made for various parameters some are quantitative and other are qualitative. The bench marking is also used as input for performance evaluation system and to take corrective and preventive actions based upon weaknesses identified.

3. Would you choose to centralize the recruitment function? Why or why not?

Yes I would recommend centralization of recruitment function among different units because of following advantages:

a) Uniform record keeping systems

b) Better internal mobility for employees

c) Job rotation of employees enhances their skills

d) Cost of recruitment is reduced due to combining of requirements and increased efficiency, such as software and administration cost

e) Uniform corporate identity among employees and public

f) Easier for candidates as they have to apply through one window and also attend interview only once. The organisation benefits by interviewing each candidate only once for all units.

g) Compensation system and administrations systems at each unit can be further made more uniform based on common recruitment function.

4. If you recommend a centralized recruiting office, what services would it provide?

a) Receive labour recruitments with specifications from various units.

b) Maintain common database of potential candidates.

c) Advertising and promotional campaigns for improving corporate identity and attract talent.

d) Training of candidates after selection, further evaluation and recommendation to different units for inducting.

e) One point relations with job portals, universities and other affiliates.

f) Match requirement at different units with internal excess talent and identify possibilities of internal mobility.

5. If you centralize recruiting, what benefits would you anticipate for (a) company and (b) applicants?

Benefits to company:

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