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Topics: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Woman, Gender Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Women become members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
On the 8th of March 2013 I was assigned to write a reflection on a topic of my choice chosen from a timeline of Canadian highlights that was passed out at the beginning of the year. I chose the topic of the event when women were allowed to join the RCMP forces. This topic struck my eye because its year is surprising to me because of the women’s rights act year. The RCMP commenced in 1873 originally to regulate the trading’s of alcohol for buffalo hides, then to protect the aboriginal people from the white’s. The RCMP branch continued to grow from there, with the exception of one year when Canada was under new governing and the RCMP force was cut down in numbers. Now for years we have seen more women joining the forces of the RCMP as choice of a career. This choice is only fairly new for women, Sept 16th 2009 was the 38th anniversary of the occasion when women were allowed to be part of the RCMP force. Today there are 69, 539 RCMP members, men and women. When did women get the right to become officers? Were they a part of the RCMP at all before they were allowed to be officers? How soon did this action happen after the women’s rights laws came into effect? This is what I wondered, so I chose this topic. Throughout my research I did not find many answers that I would have wished to find, I’m still left wondering how the idea of letting women join the forces came into play and if there was a specific woman who pushed to allow women to join the forces. Though what I did come up with was very interesting.

I found out that the applications for women to join the RCMP were created and sent out in the year of 1974 within the month of September. From September 1974 to March 1975 the first 32 women joining the RCMP were in training to become members of the forces, these women were branch name “Troop 17”. Women had always been a part of the RCMP just not directly on the field work, on patrol, or have proper...
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