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Rbv in China Comaniess

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Rbv in China Comaniess

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Organizational changes in Chinese companies: a resource-based view Ruth Alas and Wei Sun
Estonian Business School, Tallinn, Estonia
Purpose – In recent years, resource-based theory has emerged as one of the most promising theoretical frameworks in the field of management. In this paper, the authors aim to explore the application of a resource-based view when implementing organizational change in Chinese organizations. The problems associated with change are explored from the perspective of human resources (HR). Design/methodology/approach – Structured interviews were conducted with top or middle managers in 160 companies in several large cities in the northern part of China: Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and Zibo. Findings – From the perspective of HR, the main problems faced when implementing change in Chinese organizations include the following: bureaucratic regulations and strict orders remain the core features of the process of implementing changes in Chinese companies. Meanwhile, the intrinsic values and emotions of employees were neglected and coercion and manipulation was frequently used as a strategy to overcome resistance to change. Moreover, Chinese managers are found to lack the skill to involve employees in the change process. Originality/value – The study provides some insights into the human side of the change management process in China. Based on the research results the authors have identified the main problems associated with HR and recommend that the human resource management function facilitate the success of organizational changes. Keywords Organizational change, Human resource management, China Paper type Research paper

Organizational changes in Chinese companies 225

Introduction The Chinese economy, previously a relatively closed system, is on a reform path toward an open, market-driven system. Faced with fierce...

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