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Topics: Problem solving, Culture, Culture of Thailand Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Reflected Best-Self Portrait
Since my childhood, I have been exposed to many environments and cultures. I was born and raised in a conservative Thai culture. I attended local schools at my early ages until I was moved abroad to study in Australia in a liberal culture. Afterward, I moved back to Thailand and attended an international school and graduated into a Thai university; and right now having the chance to experience Korean culture during my exchange program at Yonsei University. These experiences allow me to gain insights on the variety of perspectives of different people that I have interacted with. From my surveys, there is a wide range of age and cultural differences among my friends; descriptions of me differ among each group or even person. These may be the result of my adaptability when interacting with people. I am often able to observe and see through (comprehend) people around me; and with the understanding of the differences in people, I choose the attitudes of mine that would best fit with the particular person (subject). While there are certain critical things that I avoid when interacting with people from different backgrounds and/or cultures, I retain my core values and I don’t lose being myself. I can be funny, out-going, crazy, and spontaneous; and yet I am sometimes serious, intense, and stubborn to a degree. With these qualities interchanging, the most important thing that I take hold of when it comes to relationship is honesty. With people whom I care about, I give them my trust. I make them happy. I make them feel comfortable around me. I make them feel that they can solely rely on me and that I am always there for them when they need me. In terms of problem solving; with the understanding of differences in people, I have the ability to coordinate them all exceptionally well. I am a peacemaker in situations where conflict arises. These include both among my family members and people outside. I contribute my efforts...
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