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Topics: Bank, Loan, Mortgage loan Pages: 26 (5662 words) Published: December 29, 2012
1. Background of the study:

Through this report an individual can expect to have a good knowledge and understanding on the various methods of operation performed by BRAC Bank Limited particularly in the area of Financial Institutional services. From the last two months of the bank’s disbursement, everything is tried to include in precise form. I have tried my level best to put more emphasis on the Consumer loan and its recovery process since it was the topic of my internship program. This report is to be used only for the academic purpose. I have collected all the necessary and relevant data from various primary, secondary and tertiary sources. After three months long hard labor, it has become possible for me to make the report comprehensive and factual.

1.2 Significance

This report is the result of two month internship in BRAC BANK LIMITED. We know normally internee program only for three months. I enter as an internee in BRAC BANK LIMITED beginning from 21 October. 2008 to 21 December 2008. And I have completed this internship period successfully. This internship report contains all the knowledge that I gather at the time of my internee in BRAC BANK LIMITED. In this internee time I noticed that they work completed day to day. They work hard and soul. My topic is Retail Banking Operation & Penal Interest Calculation of BRAC Bank. All these information will help the management to identify various scopes and limitations of the Institution. This is the basic rationale behind the study. Besides, it would be a great opportunity for me to get familiar with this system. So this study is very significant for both the company and me. They satisfy my work and give a opportunity for job.

1.3. Scope of the report:

Scope of the study is quite clear. Since Asset Operations Department is dealing with all types of loan activities in the bank, studying these core themes, Opportunities are there to learn other aspects of RETAIL or Consumer matters.

← Concept of RETAIL and its impact in overall economy of Bangladesh ← Business class development situation through RETAIL banking ← Importance of RETAIL banking in context of Bangladesh
← Pioneer’s strategy regarding RETAIL banking
← Virtual banking concept through RETAIL banking

1.4. Objective of the Report:

1.4.1 Broad Objectives

▪ To calculate the penal interest of Retail or consumers loan borrowers

▪ To know about Retail or consumers loan and its process of recovery

1.4.2 Specific Objectives

▪ To know about the basic appraisal system of Retail or consumers loan ▪ To know the enterprise selection criteria to provide Retail or consumers loan ▪ To know the terms and conditions of Retail or consumers loans ▪ To know the disbursement and recovery procedures of Retail or consumers loans ▪ To make some policy implications and conclusion to further the development of Retail or Consumers loan products of BBL. ▪ To know the work process and monitoring system of Asset operation Department ▪ To access the key performance indicator of the department ▪ To know how the Retail or consumers loan borrowers would behave in repaying their loan.

1.5. Methodology:

In this studies which briefly reveals an overview of the BRAC Bank, its mission and vision, its departments and its functions & also critically analyzes Retail Banking Operation & Penal calculation for consumer loan. I had to collect enough information to make an analysis of Retail or consumer’s loan system. The data collected allowed me to make an analysis regarding Retail or consumers loan, starting from sanction of loan to closing of loan.

1.5.1 Sources of data:

For collecting the required data, I have used different sources or methods like the following:

Primary data sources:

• Interviews of Risk management officers (ROMs)
• Officers meetings
• Direct observation

Secondary data sources:
• Operational...
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