Rbi: Smoking and Walking

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Cigarette Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: January 30, 2011
RBI: Smoking and Walking & The Importance of Remembering

On the 13th day of January 2010, I was confronted by an nco while on my way to physical training formation, for what he perceived as walking and smoking. Upon first contact with the nco I respectfully tried to educate him that there are no army regulations on smoking and walk, and that I was in fact not smoking and walking but walking with a lit cigarette in my hand. He obviously got offended by my approach and ordered me to write this RBI.

While on my quest to find the army regulation on smoking and walking I found some interesting things. I found nothing in the Army Regulations that stated I cannot walk and smoke. The only thing I did find is that when saluting an officer to put out the cigarette and that all tobacco products are prohibited within 50ft of a government building. So I was completely right when saying there is no AR that prohibits smoking and walking. I was also right when saying I actually wasn’t smoking at all because in the Webster dictionary’s the definition of smoking is “to draw into the mouth and puff out the smoke of tobacco or the like, as from a pipe or cigarette.” I have asked a lot of people about there thoughts on smoking and walking and almost everyone says that its unprofessional. How do we distinguish between professional and unprofessional. I personally think that walking around with a huge dip of smokeless tobacco gapping out of someone’s mouth is not only unprofessional but disgusting but no one else seems to care but with smoking everyone does. The army regulation 600-63 7–3. “Policy for controlling tobacco use a. Tobacco use is prohibited in all DA-occupied workplaces”. It states that all tobacco products will not be used in a government building yet everyone turns there head when people dip tobacco in a class room or in the company area. Heaven forbid we smoke outside our rooms. I guess I don’t understand the regulations. I must be reading it wrong...
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