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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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Rayovac Corporation is a company that produces name brands products on the market. One of the products of Ryovac is battery. The division in charge of the sale of the battery in the company is the Rayovac Battery division which has Falconi as the vice-president of sales and marketing. Rayovac Corporation has been operating since 1906, eight years before the World War I. The name Rayovac has been introduced to the company in 1930.Rayovac Corporation especially it spectrum brands started competing with Duracell and Energizer a little later after these two were already established on the market. In this 21st century, Rayovac batteries still compete directly with Duracell and Energizer and indirectly with subsidiary products like disposable devices (cameras …) and other rechargeable batteries. In general which is the 3rd largest producer and seller of batteries in the world (with 14% of the market share in the world and 20% market share in Canada) has it products (batteries, hearing aids batteries, shaving and grooming products lighting and personal care) everywhere in the world. The strengths of Rayovac batteries (especially the rechargeable batteries) are the brand name recognition; the company already has a pretty strong channel of distribution with a good relationship with retailers, good quality of it products. The weakness of the company is that the company is not the leading company in the battery business. The competitors are able to also lead in the rechargeable battery innovation that Falconi is trying to lunch. The North America market is reluctant about the rechargeable batteries which might cause a failure of the project. The opportunities of Rayovac Company has are that none of the leading competitors has not yet started to develop the rechargeable segment of this business, the rechargeable category of the brand will grow in annual sale and retail at the end the next year, the Canadian rechargeable market is expected to grow to $100 million in annual...
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