Rayovac Case

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Rechargeable battery Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: July 20, 2012
MidTerm (Take Home Exam)
Rayovac Corporation
Case Study
Answer the Following Questions (Please pay attention to tables and figures disclosed in the case) pay attention to all issues required in questions! Extremely brief answers or copy and paste from the case or the book or the slides, are not acceptable! 1. How would the company enhance its value proposition of rechargeable batteries as perceived by consumers and distributors? What defines customer satisfaction for the battery customers? (10%) 2. Conduct SWOT analysis on Rayovac (Tip: take into consideration the macro and micro conditions reported in the case). After completing SWOT analysis and as a marketing analyst, any particular recommendations could you make? (Tip: think of the 4Ps) (10%) 3. Did Rayovac follow product development, market development, market penetration or diversification? Why? Did it follow cost leadership or differentiation strategy? Why? (10%) 4. Could you consider Rayovac a product, sales or marketing oriented firm? Why? (10%) 5. What is the segmentation bases mentioned in the case study? What are other segmentation options that could be applied on the rechargeable battery market? Please select one of them and illustrate how could you use it to divide the market into a number of segments? What is the segmentation strategy followed by P&G (differentiated, undifferentiated or concentrated)? How does Rayovac differentiated and positioned in the toothpaste market? Do you see any other possible ways they could use to differentiate themselves and their products (please show using examples)? (20%) 6. In consumer behavior chapter, we have discussed two important concepts: perceptions and motivations. How would you use these concepts to increase the sales of rechargeable battery by Rayvoca (Tip: when you are doing so, please think of competitors and other micro and macro conditions mentioned in the case to improve your answer). (10%) 7. You are about to introduce the rechargeable...
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