Ray-Ban Promotion Strategies

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Nicole S. Tester
November 20, 2010
Marketing 201
Promotion Strategies
Ray-Ban in the 20th century has been able to prove its ability to maintain parallelism between its products and the century’s style determined by the American Culture. A decade breakdown will prove this parallelism successful. In the 1930’s to the 1940’s the Aviator style was introduced, perfectly complementing the number of social phenomenon pertaining to this decade. There was a dramatic increase in interest for aviation and all the machines and technological advances that came with it. One of the most influential publicity acts the brand experienced for men, was when General Douglas McArthur[1] landed his military plane at the World War II base in the Philippines sporting a newly released pair of Aviator sunglasses. The famous picture of the General wearing his general’s hat, smoking a tobacco pipe and the Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses really pushed Aviator’s, as well as Ray-Ban, over the top. These sunglasses became part of the highly respected pilots’ equipment. The men confided in the Aviator’s fine quality and protection against optical harm .Women were also added into this look group when one of times most famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart, was also spotted with a pair of Ray-Ban’s Aviators.

During the next decades, the world was bouncing back from the terrible times of war. The population had seen and experienced enough suffering allowing only growth and happiness to take place. The economy was progressing to a point where people were forgetting their sorrows and only concentrating on all the heroes which were coming home. Women were also gaining from this growth by increasing their rights. They could finally work. This time had become filled with enjoyment, glamour, color, and rock’n’roll[2]. With this change in era, Ray-Ban needed to keep on top of their game and follow the present trends. Ray-Ban began offering a vast range of colorful frames to go along with the clothing style of the time. This caused the new dark lens sunglasses to become an iconic accessory while still having top of the line sun damage protection. This time and environment was the perfect situation for Ray-Ban to release their new line of sunglasses, the Wayfarer. They were the first sunglasses to have plastic frames yet considered to be of high quality. Every aspect about these new sunglasses were attractive to the public. The new endless shape of the frame and fun advertising strategies immediately transformed the Wayfarers into the times, and presently, most sold model in history.

In the 1960’s the United States took a technological turn for the best of mankind. President John F. Kennedy raises America’s hopes and dreams by announcing the plan of a man making a trip to the moon. With such amazing and quick advances in technology, Ray-Ban learned to do the same. Throughout this time Ray-Ban found they had the capacity to create sunglasses that were mounted in unbreakable frames. They put on the market these sunglasses never even dreamed of before and were able to greatly increase the price of their sunglasses by 70%. This price increase was done to prove the quality of such a product and maintain a popular image of class. With this increase in popularity even more artists, musicians, movie stars, and television stars were publicly spotted wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban even began to make appearances in Hollywood movies as part of the everyday outfit of many characters[3].

The next decade brought on a whole mix of social compromises, as well as the desire to escape reality. This led to the beginning of an interest in science fiction and its role in television and music. Consequently, the changing societal trends influenced the company’s new design and the use of more advanced technology. The new Ski and Sports Collection is introduced, with the two new styles called the Vagabond and the Stateside. At this point, Ray-Ban was making specialized sun...
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