Raw: Youth Detention Center and Positive Effects

Topics: Youth detention center, Prison, Institution Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: July 14, 2008
You have been invited to give a presentation at a youth forum on institutions in our society. What do the texts you have studied have to say about the positive and/or negative effects of institutions? Deliver your findings by refering to your prescribed text and at least TWO other related texts of your choosing.

Good morning. I have been asked to come and speak about institutions in our society. The term ‘institution’ is broadly defined as an organization or establishment for the promotion of a particular object, usually one for some public, educational, charitable or similar purpose; however, in my discussion it will be in relation to those institutions designed for correctional purposes, for example prisons, juvenile detention centers. The effects of institutions on individuals are varied, and depend on if the individual is prepared to change. The novel Raw, by Scott Monk, demonstrates birth positive and negative impacts of institutions upon individuals. Likewise, the film documentary ‘Nobody’s Children’ by David Goldie and the film ‘Dangerous Minds’ by John N. Smith both show the effects of different institutions upon individuals.

In Raw, by Scott Monk, we meet Brett Dalton who has been sent to this low security institution called the Farm. His first impression of the farm is that no matter hard this institution tries to reform him he is determined not to be changed, as his early comments suggest “Like every juvenile detention centre, it aimed to turn troublemakers like himself into model citizens, Brett snorted. As if.” He continues to critize the people who are in charge of the institution, this shows his attitude towards institutions are negative “They couldn’t be so stupid as to put so much trust in a bunch of delinquents, could they?” Well from the sounds of it they are. From the very start Brett sees the institution that of an enemy that needs to be beaten “He’d beat the system before it beat him. In the end Brett would win.” If we were...
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