Raw- Scott Monk

Topics: Want, Need, English-language films Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Summary of Themes
Power- a dominant issue in the novel. The police show the legal power that Brett fights. Sam has the power to inspire and influence. Tyson holds the bully’s power and Brett holds his own personal power to change his mind. Fear- Brett fears the thugs at the Farm as does Frog and the other passive inmates. Fear of rejection is prevalent as Brett does not want to lose Caitlyn Brett feels real fear when he is robbed and forced to go back to the Farm. Overall, the boys have a fear of being caught, not necessarily of the police, but being jailed. Hope- Brett hopes to change his life. While he is in trouble at the end, he realises that he is capable of being law-abiding person who can be close and intimate with people. Sam also holds hope for the boys, wanting them to learn responsibility and shed all anger and hurt. Reform- The point of The Farms existence is for reform. The boys need to prove that they can own a sense of responsibility and show a strong moral code (act on the knowledge of being genuinely right). Brett proves he has undergone a change. The end of the novel is still a success because he wants to change his life. Intro

The novel, Raw by Scott Monk presents a variety of themes. It does this through important language techniques as seen in the excerpt and in the whole novel. Characters also play a pivotal role in displaying important issues.
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