Raw - Scott Monk

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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Throughout the past couple of months my fellow peers and I have been studying the topic ‘challenge’ and how it affects our lives and people around us. In our everyday lives we are confronting challenges, some are as small as walking up a few steps, and some are larger and more challenging that could be life or death circumstances. Australian book ‘RAW’ written by Scott Monk has had a huge influence on how I view the meaning of challenge. Raw outlines various challenges that young teenagers may face such as crime, violence, affection, making friends and the difficulty met to change an individual’s behaviour towards life. Each challenge occurs throughout Brett Dalton’s life. In the prologue of Raw, Brett is robbing a liquor store, then fleeing from the police or as Brett calls them ‘Pigs’. Brett’s terminology towards the police, it was obvious that his relationship with the police wasn’t a pleasant one. Brett attempts to jump over a fence and hurts his ankle but Brett still tries to run which indicates Brett’s determination to avoid getting caught. The prologue is set in a way that it does not make the reader feel sorry or have any sympathy for Brett. However, as the novel progresses that sentiment changes as he changes and becomes less self-centred.

Brett Dalton faces his first challenge on the first evening at the farm when he decides to run away. Sam, the owner of the Farm, or as Brett calls it “mental house”. Sam catches up with him and still gives Brett the option to run away or stay. Whether Brett chooses to stay or run away, he must know that he will suffer the consequences for his actions to try and teach him about responsibility and trust. This left Brett with a challenging decision, which he rejects and decides to run away, as he got away from Sam he came the realisation that he made the wrong decision and goes back to the Farm.

As we continue to read ‘Raw’ we witness Brett’s change in attitude towards Sam, the farm and the people...
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