Raw - Institutions Effects on Individuals

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Raw - Essay

"Institutions may have varying effects on individuals". Discuss this statement with reference to 'Raw'.

The novel 'Raw', written by Scott Monk, shows that an institution may have varying effects on an individual. In this case the institution being 'The Farm'. The aim of the institution, being to transform the bad ways/behaviours of the individual. The individuals are expected to be in compliance of the rules and expectations of the caretakers, Mary & Sam. If the individuals protest to these, they can expect the consequences. The institution can have positive effects on the individuals, they can learn to trust respect, and treat people the right way. This can also backfire in some cases.

The Farm is an institution run by Sam and Mary, referred to more as caretakers rather than wardens. It can have varying effects on individuals, as you can see with Josh, compared to Tyson, the outcome and effect on the different individuals is noticeably diverse. The Farm is not like a typical juvenile centre, it gives individuals an opportunity to make changes in themselves. The setup is a lot different, there are no gates, no cells, no bars on the windows, no guards. But there are rules that apply to all people staying at The Farm, which include, no fighting, no leaving the property, Sam's decision is final, and no drugs. These rules are enforced with the consequences, if any of these rules are broken, not only will the person breaking them suffer the consequences, but the whole group of individuals will suffer from these actions as well. Whether the individuals choose to comply or protest against these, it will decide their future. So there are expectations to conform, as there is group pressure to obey the rules through the certain consequences. Sam also has an impact on the effect The Farm has on the individuals. He gives them advice, and believes in them, and if they use it and are respectful of him, it will only work to their advantage.

The Farm has...
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