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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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To change is to become different. In society people change, there point of views change and so does there perspective. Through these lessons and events that occur in everyone's life you get influenced by people and things around you. In the novel Raw, by Scott Monk and the film 28 days directed by Betty Thomas show significant changes in there lives and perspectives towards life.

The Protagonist Brett, in the novel Raw by Scott monk changes significantly throughout the novel. As in a result of breaking the law Brett is sent to a Juvenile center called the Farm. At the beginning when Brett sees the Farm he is arrogant and stubbornness boil inside him " it was a little more than a large country house". In the beginning brett meets sam the owner of the farm and they don't get off to a good start. Sam hands Brett a clipboard to show him his duties but as Brett's ignorance he throws it away. To Brett sam was everything he resented, the more sam tried to change brett the more brett would resist. Brett wasn't going to follow any rules, "he was happy for who he was and the way he lived, he'd beat the system before it beat him in the end Brett would win". In this paragraph Brett shows no remorse and is showing a lot of anger towards Sam. He thinks that everything he does it is his way or no way. As soon as Brett arrives at the farm, Brett is forced to room up with a boy called Robbie. Brett continues his antisocial behavior by sifting through the belongings of others, but is caught by josh and clash heads. Brett is threatened by the most violent character Tyson Jones. He has a fight with him in the bathroom, as you can see Brett still had the urge to start a fight.

Soon after that Brett escapes from the Farm. Running towards Sydney but Sam catches him. Sam pulls the Ute next to Brett but the first instinct Brett had was to run. Sam tells Brett that he can drive where ever he wants to go, & Brett was shocked by that. Brett drives the car to Mungindi where Sam sates,...
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