Rationalism vs Puritanism

Topics: Reason, Ten Commandments, Puritan Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: December 18, 2011
Rationalism vs Puritanism
Rationalism. A form of religion where instead of believing in a higher been, Science and reasoning are what is lived by. Being able to prove and identify things in life that make rational sense is what is used instead of worshipping some form of "God." The very opposite goes for Puritanism. Worshipping a higher been that made the earth and the universe and everything in it including yourself is what's considered to be the religion of the puritans. Both sides see completely different perspectives in life and each group lives in different ways according to their beliefs.

Rationalists, believing in science and reason over belief in a higher been, think that people should live their life by science. If you're able to prove that something exists or doesnt, then you should live by what the facts say. If something is beyond the realm of human reason, it is not to be believed. While the Puritans believed that everyone had a pre-destined faith, Rationalists believed in no such thing. They lived off of a pure basis that from when you are born until you die, live by reason and what is real and proven instead of ideas and concepts that are only believed and worshipped. Based on the Puritan belief that in your lifetime you should have more good deeds then sins and that your sins should be forgiven in order for you to go to heaven (5 + (-5) + good deeds (less then or equal to)0), Rationalists believed in a balance that didnt involve having to have good deeds or forgive sins because they did not believe in heaven or hell or sins (-1 + 1 = 0). Puritans believed that you should live life strictly from the bible. Living by the ways of the 10 commandments and believing and worshipping god while not commiting sins and living life with purity will enable you to go to heaven on "Judgement Day". Not living your life by the bible and/or commiting sins that were not forgiven meant to the Puritans that you were living your life the wrong way and that you...
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