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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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My topic will be based around Employability Skills: Why is a CV so important, what should it include and how to put your CV together. I am currently not in a teacher/tutor role right now but I work in recruitment and I find and place suitable candidates within the training and WBL arena. As this is what I currently do for my job I am comfortable delivering this subject to a group of learners. My aim is for my learners

To Understand the Importance of Putting Together a Good CV and How to Do it. My learners will make up of 3 of my fellow colleagues from my PTLLS course and will be delivered on the 26th November in a classroom at college. Prior to the session I will prepare a PowerPoint presentation which will include aims and objectives of the session, the CV examples, the group task and the final outcome. I will back up this presentation on a USB stick. I have chosen this resource to enable the learners to engage immediately and digest the subject matter whilst I am introducing myself, the aims and objectives. By having a visual resource at the beginning of the session the learners can start to digest the information whilst I am delivering it aurally. This will appeal to the two preferred learning styles and gain interest and engagement from the start. The PowerPoint will keep me and my delivery on track and not veering off the subject. The aim and objective will also be written on my white board or flip chart which will remain up during the whole session. This is to remind the learners of the subject and they can refer to it during the group work task. I will arrange the room so the group can sit together and can see the presentation and can see the whiteboard. I will ask the group to leave their bags and coats at the back of the room to avoid any trip hazards or distractions. As the group already know each other I will not need to introduce an ice breaker. I do not yet know whether they have any special requirements. In preparing for my...
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