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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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The topic I chose to do my “Show Me You Care” project is substance abuse among teenagers. This will mainly focus on what kind of illegal substances are these teens consuming. Some people may think that substance abuse is only smoking weed or consuming alcohol, however is more than just that. Some teens have found illegal substances in cough medicine and used that for their drug addiction. Another form of illegal substance is the use of hookah. Many teenagers look at it as just flavor tobacco and charcoal, but others instead of tobacco use weed to better their high. So, we ask our selves, how can we help these trouble teens?

The majority of teenagers don’t recognize their addiction as a problem, because “they can stop whenever they want.” Although some might be aware of what they are getting themselves into, others have no idea how this may change their life completely. Substance abuse can be referred is many ways, such as addiction, alcohol abuse, alcoholic addiction, alcoholism, chemical abuse, dipsomania, drug abuse, drug dependence, drug habit, drug use, habit, narcotics abuse, or solvent abuse. Substance abuse is the way the body is dependent on an illegal drug.

I believe that if we get people’s attention about this topic we can recruit, other than the affected parents, people to join the cause to help these teens in need. With the help of the government, principals, teachers, administrators, and people from our community can come together and help these teens see beyond their problem. I believe that people should care about this topic because, teenagers are the future of our society, without us, our world will not continue to develop. Many of us, teenagers, have so much potential and skills in so many different areas, and we only need someone to teach us how to put those skills in practice. Depending on how well developed we are now, determines how we will succeed later on in life.

Substance abuse among teenagers is worth talking about because; this...
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