Rational Unified Process

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The Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a Software Engineering Process. It provides a disciplined approach to assigning tasks and responsibilities within a development organization. RUP is based on an interactive, incremental approach to systems development. The goal is to ensure the production of high-quality software that meets the needs of its end users, within a predictable schedule and budget.

The Rational Unified Process is also process product, developed and maintained by Rational Software. The development team for the Rational Unified Process is working closely with customers, partners, Rational's product groups as well as Rational's consultant organization to ensure that process is continuously updated and improved upon to reflect recent experiences and evolving and proven best practices.

The Rational Unified Process enhances team productivity, by providing every team member with easy access to a knowledge base with guidelines, templates and tool mentors for all critical development activities. By having all team members accessing the same knowledge base, no matter if you work with requirements, design, test, and project management, or configuration management, we ensure that all team members share a common language, process and view of how to develop software.

The Rational Unified Process activities create and maintain models. Rather than focusing on the production of large amount of paper documents, the Unified Process emphasizes the development and maintenance o models—semantically rich representations of the software system under development.

The Rational Unified Process is a guide for how to effectively use the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The UML is an industry-standard language that allows us to clearly communicate requirements, architectures and designs. The UML was originally created by Rational Software, and is now maintained by the standards organization Object Management Group (OMG). .

The Rational Unified Process is a configurable process. No single process is suitable for all software development. The Unified Process fits small development teams as well as large development organizations. The Unified Process is founded on a simple and clear process architecture that provides commonality across a family of processes. Yet, it can be varied to accommodate different situations. It contains a Development Kit, providing support for configuring the process to suit the needs of a given organization. The Rational Unified Process captures many of the best practices in modern software development in a form that is suitable for a wide range of projects and organizations.

2.1 Inception Phase
The goal of the inception phase is to achieve a consensus among all stakeholders on the objectives of the project. They may vary from organization to organization but will probably include the senior management, project managers, business representatives, architects, developers, testers, quality assurance, operations, support staff, users and others. It is important that the stakeholders define the success criteria, document and prioritize the organization needs with regards to software process. To accomplish this stage, it must identify all external entities with which the system will interact and define the nature of the interaction on a high-level. This involves identifying all use cases and describing a few significant ones. With the vision document and success criteria, a business case should be developed. The business case includes success criteria, risk assessments, and estimate of the resources needed, and a phase plan showing dates of major milestones. Consensus by stakeholders on the economic value and market need is essential to gain support, funding, and commitment from the senior management. The RUP recommends the following steps to develop the business case for the project: * Describe the...
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