Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Topics: Rational emotive behavior therapy, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Case Study of Molly
A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

Rational Emotive Behavior therapy suggests that humans are neither all evil nor all good. REBT suggests that people are responsible for their own actions. The beliefs of individuals at times can be misleading; therefore, the actions that follow the beliefs are faulty as well. REBT allows for individuals to change their way of thinking in order to change the way in which they behave without having to blame anyone beside themselves for their actions. One of the most important beliefs of REBT is that individuals innately have the power to change the way that they think and perceive things on their own, which in turn suggests that they can have control over the state of health from a psychological perspective. In this treatment plan, Molly will learn to change the way that she believes in herself as well as how she should be loved by others to change the problematic behaviors that she exhibits. The use of REBT will allow Molly to understand that inevitably, she has the power to change her overall life satisfaction and improve her psychological well-being.

Presenting Concerns
Molly complains of having a depressed mood, sleep problems, lack of concentration, loss of interest and pleasure in things, irritability, nervousness, lack of sex drive, no appetite, and undesired loss of 15 pounds in two months. Molly has no energy and moves slowly. Molly tears up often. Molly has socioencomic problems in that she lost her job due to a love affair. Molly had never experienced failure prior to her current job loss. Molly has not held a steady job following her being terminated because she often doubts her “luck” to hold them in that she believes her depression would impair her ability to concentrate and that she would either quit or be fired. Molly does not live in her own home, she resides with her parents. Molly acknowledges that she did not remember her father...
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