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  • Published : October 30, 2013
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Your Rationale Essay for Empire State College

Your rationale discusses the structure of your degree program and how it fulfills your educational and professional goals. A faculty assessment committee will review the degree program, and your rationale essay is critical to their review. The committee will want to know why you selected your concentration and how specific courses relate to that concentration. In addition, the committee will want to know how general education courses in science, math, social sciences, and the humanities are important to your intellectual growth.

Most rationales range from 3 to 6 pages, though there is no specific limit. Keep in mind that the faculty want to learn about you as an individual, and what is important to you, in terms of your education. Please note: this rationale is part of your record – focus on aspects that are relevant to your education.

To assist you in preparing your rationale, use the guidelines below—a list of main points for you to consider. Some may be ignored but points 3, 4, and 5 should be addressed:

1. What aspects of your family and educational background or work experience relate to your studies at Empire State College?
2. What attracted you to this program as opposed to other alternatives you might have considered to earn a college degree?
3. What are your professional or career goals?

4. What is your concentration? Why is it important to your goals? How do your Empire State College courses build on prior college studies? Discuss those courses that are of particular interest or importance to you.

5. How is your general learning important to your education? Did you learn things that will facilitate your functioning more effectively in a global...
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