Ratio Analysis on Jamuna Bank Ltd

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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|Eti Laila Kazi | |Assistant Professor, | |Dept. of Business Administration |

| NAME | ID |Organization ID | |S M Manirul Islam |BBA 03712013 |GREENDELT | |MD. Zamidul Islam |BBA 03712014 |FAREASTLIF | |Md. Yasin Khan |BBA 03712020 |NORTHRNINS | |Md. Nurannabi Islam |BBA 03712084 |GLOBALINS | |Md. Awlad Hossain |BBA 03712019 |FEDERALINS | |Md. Kawsar Hossain |BBA 03712045 |PRIMEINSUR |

Batch: 37 F
Program: BBA

[pic] 21st December

| Table of Content |

|Letter of Transmittal |3 | |Acknowledgement |4 | |Objective of Assignment |4 | |Methodology of the Assignment |5 | |Limitation of Assignment |5 | |Solution of Questionnaire |6 | |Analysis of Questionnaire |7 | |Conclusion |13 | |Bibliography |14 |

July 20, 2010

Eti Laila Kazi
Assistant professor,
Stamford University Bangladesh

Dear Madam,

We have great pleasure to replace before our practical questionnaire on some listed insurance. We have studied different function of six commercial insurance of Bangladesh was assigned to submit a assignment on “questionnaire”

To prepare this report, we have gathered what we believe to be most complete information available. Much of the information has been collected by face to face interviewing, as well as reading articles, newspaper, etc. related to the insurance area.

The experience we have gathered during this period will remain as an invaluable asset of immense useful of our life. We have worked hard preparing this assignment and we hope it will satisfy our assignment requirement. We will be always available for answering any query on the assignment. We request you to excuse us for any mistake that may occur in the assignment despite our best effort.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours...
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