Ratio Analysis of BSNL and Bharti Airtel

Topics: Marketing research, Marketing, Sampling Pages: 26 (4872 words) Published: May 13, 2013
TERM Project Report on

“Ratio analysis of BSNL & Bharti Airtel”

Research Supervisor Submitted BY: Mrs.Babita Jha Surendra Singh Roll No. : JKBS/AICTE/2012-14/040

Batch 2012-14


The Research on “Ratio analysis of BSNL & Bharti Airtel” has been given to me as part of the curriculum in 2Years Masters Degree in Business Administration. I have tried my best to present this information as clearly as possible using basic terms that I hope will be comprehended by the widest spectrum of researches, analysts and student for further studies I have completed this study under the table guidance and supervision of our Faculty member Mrs. Babita Jha.

This is to certify the term project work entitled “Ratio analysis of BSNL & Bharti Airtel” is a piece of work done by Surendra Singh, student of JKBS, GURGAON, under my guidance and supervision for the partial fulfillment of the course PGDM Trimester-3.

The work embodied in this report is original and is of the standard expected of an MBA student and has not been submitted in part or full to this or any other University for the award of any degree or diploma. He has completed all requirements of guidelines for research project report and the work is fit for evaluation.

(Signature of Guide)



Chapters|Title and Topics|Page No|
1|INTRODUCTION • Introduction||
2|OBJECTIVES & METHODOLOGY• Need of study• Scope of study• Objectives of study• Review of Literature• Research Methodology• Limitations of study|| 3|COMPANY PROFILE||
5|FINDINGS & SUGGESTIONS• Findings• Suggestions • Conclusion|| 6|• Annexure • BIBLOGRAPHY ||

Executive Summary: -

The title of the study is “Ratio analysis of BSNL & Bharti Airtel”. This study was conducted under the Research International of IMRB International on behalf of different mobile brand handsets. IMRB International is a leading market research company in India to provide the market research reports to well established national companies.

During the study I have visited to the respondents who are currently using and used in the past the various mobile handsets of some branded companies. Each respondent has given his feedback and suggestion which can be help to identify the consumer behaviour for purchasing different mobile handsets. Some of the respondent needs more information about different mobile brand handsets which has given me to show them at the time of interview and show satisfactory responses regarding purchased of different mobile handsets.

The ratio analysis...
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