Ratification of the Constitution

Topics: United States Constitution, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Ratification of the Constitution

In 1787 the Constitution was written and submitted to the states for ratification, this leading to months of fierce debate. Some states welcomed the new Constitution but others were fearful of it. They were afraid that this would be just like being under the control of Great Britain, which they just broke free from. But the rest of the states saw this as a good thing and very necessary for America to strive.

In Document 1, we find a newspaper editor from the Massachusetts Sentinel supporting the ratification of the Constitution. He says that America is a mess now and by ratifying the Constitution; all that is wrong will be fixed. It will strengthen trade and protect American name and character. In Document 3, we see an excerpt from a letter John ay wrote to George Washington. He said that in the Articles of Confederation there were errors that need to be addressed and corrected. The colonies were disunited and in need of a strong central government. Thomas Jefferson also believed that the Constitution should be ratified, and in order to protect the rights of the people a Bill of Rights must be made. He says this in a letter to James Madison in Document 6. Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist like John Jay and Madison, also agrees that ratification of the constitution should be agreed on. He says in document 7 that as long as the federal government fulfills the two duties of preservation of public peace and regulation of commerce than the Constitution should be approved and welcomed. As we see, there were many supporters of the Constitution, but there were also many opponents. People didnt want a Constitution and believed that things were just fine the way they were and everything should be left alone. In Document 2 we see that Mercy Otis Warren was an opponent. He had fear that the Constitution would threaten the rights of conscience and liberty of press. Patrick Henry was also against ratifying the Constitution. In Document 4,...
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