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Discuss the creation of the Constitution of 1787. How was it a product of the weaknesses and problems of the Articles of the Confederation? What were the characteristics and beliefs of delegates to the Constitutional Convention and who among them played the most important roles? What were the most important issues debated by this body and how were they resolved? Why and how did the process of ratification prove to be difficult?

About two hundred years a new set of rules were put in place to help the Government. The Constitution had to be written because under the Articles of Confederation the individual states kept their own sovereignty, freedom and independence from each other and from the federal government. The body of the constitution consists of seven articles. The Articles explain how the government operates and how government personals a selected. Because of the inadequacies of the government under the Articles of the Confederation, congress realized that the governing body was causing more problems than they were trying to fix things. In 1787 a committee of 55 men which represented 12states, went to Philadelphia to see if they could rectify the problems. The men had the greater interest at heart and shared some ideas about which government would be best. Their aim was to get the people involved. The constitution was written to change what was happening under the Articles of Confederation, what that meant was changes were about to be made and there were new rules that needed to be followed. The constitution was a product of the weaknesses and problems of the Articles of Confederation because under the Articles it was a Unicameral-(one house) legislature which meant that each state has only one vote regardless of size or population. Also there was weak central government meaning congress could not tax or regulate trade. It was rather unfortunate that there was little interest in national government by the people. So who were these 55 men which...
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