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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Remy is a rat who lived in a French country home with the pack led by his father. Gifted with a keen sense, he aspired to be a chef. When the pack was discovered by the human, Remy is separated from the pack and ended up aground underneath Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris.

He observed Linguini who was being hired as garbage and save the soup that Linguini accidentally fowled. Remy threw in some ingredient and was served and found be a success. Later, Remy and Linguini become friends the worked in the kitchen together.

A food critic called Ego announced he would review the restaurant based on its rising success. They worked together and prepared a “Ratatouille” for Ego. Ego was amazed by the dish and wrote a glowing review of the meal to declare Remy to be “nothing less than the finest chef in France”.

At last, they opened a new restaurant.

When I first decided to watch this movie, I was attracted by the beautiful poster, funny characters and special storyline. The animations also impressed me because of their pretty and colorful, especially the scenery of Paris.

Besides, this moie is meaningful. From Gusteau’s motto” Anyone can cook”, the writer wants us to know, if you have your own dream like Remy and be hardworking, no matter you are poor or rich, you will finally paid off because the give you confidence and energy to be continue.

In conclusion, this movie is awesome and I recommend to all of you.
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