Rat and Toad

Topics: Frog, Rodent, Rat Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Cane Toads are large amphibians, similar to a frog, except heavily-built with dry wart-like skin. The colour of their skin can vary between a deep grey to a reddish-brown and they can grow between lengths of 10-15cm long. Toads can be found in urban areas, as well as grasslands and woodland. Their diet varies quite a bit, and they eat almost anything they can swallow, including household scraps and pet food, but most of their diet consists of living insects.

Rats are medium-sized rodents that are part of the mammal family. Rats are quite similar to mice but with a more distinct look. Their fur colour and differ between white to a black. The average length of a rat is between 13-18 cm. Rats can eat pretty much everything humans eat, meaning that the rat’s diet consists of household scraps, grains, seeds, and other small food scraps. They can be found in urban, suburban and rural areas, and an often be considered a pest.

The skin of a toad and the skin of a rat are very different. Toad’s skin is quite tough and can keep from drying out quickly, unlike a rat. Toads are covered with little sacks that contain poison, which acts as a protector, so that any large animal that tries to eat it or attack it, gets poisoned as the toad can excrete the poisons. Rats are covered in fur, which is quite significant to mammals. As they are warm-blooded, their fur provides them an extra bit of warmth and is also makes their skin a bit more waterproof.

The tongue of a toad and a rat are quite different from one another. In both cases, they use their tongue to eat and drink. Although, the toads tongue flicks out of the mouth and retracts once the prey has been caught with the tip of the tongue.
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