Raster and Vector Graphics Questions

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Find the answers to the questions below by clicking on each link. Save this in your Obj 201 folder.

* http://www.logodesignworks.com/blog/vector-graphics-and-raster-graphics-difference

1. What types of programs are usually used to generate Vector Graphics? You can draw it or you can use Adobe Illustrator. 2. What are Vector Graphics composed of? Pixels
3. Does scaling a Vector drawing harm it? No. It will keep the quality the same. 4. Do Vector drawings support photographic images well? Yes. 5. _____ format is the only Vector Graphics are normally saved as. EPS. 6. What type of design is Vector Graphics ideal for? Logo Designs. 7. How are Raster Graphic Images created? Digital image capture devices. 8. What are Raster Graphics made of? Grid or a bitmap.

9. Are Raster Graphic affected by scaling? Yes. The quality becomes worse and the pixels are larger, creating a blurry image. 10. What are pixels? Squares containing image parts that are on a X and Y axis on a screen. 11. Describe the difference between the enlargements of the Raster Graphic and the Vector Graphic? Vector graphics are not affected by scaling as the Raster graphics are.

* http://www.thelogofactory.com/library/articles/format.html 12. What file extensions are usually associated with Vector Graphics? PMS. 13. Explain how Vector Graphics are like rubber bands and a peg board. There are points that you can connect to each different dot. And there are lines on each side of a middle line for the outer edge of what word or image you’re trying to create. 14. Every Vector shape can be filled with a different __________.

* http://www.fieggen.com/ian/g_formats.htm
15. What is the best example of a bitmap graphic?
16. (Scroll way down – to “Common Graphic File Formats”) What are the 2 important things to remember about GIF? 17. What are the typical uses for GIF?
18. What was JPG...
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