Topics: Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, Ethiopia Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: March 6, 2011

Rastafari movement (Rasta, Rastafarianism) is a religious movement accepting Haile Selassie as the God or Jah. Haile Selassie was the 225th Ethiopian emperor in an unbroken linage from the King Salomon and the Queen of Sheiba. He was coronated “King of Kings, Lord of Lords, conquering lion of the tribe of Judah.” In the Rastafarian religion Haile Selassie is seen as the

King Haile Selassie I, reincarnation of God on earth. Haile Selassie was the 225th in an unbroken line of Ethiopian monarchs who descended from the Biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rastafari_movement#Haile_Selassie). Rastafari come from the name of Haile Selassie, before his coronation in 1930, Ras (Duke) Tafari Makonen. Often called earth rightful ruler, elect of God by Rastas, Haile Selassie is an emblematic Rasta figure. My interview took place in St Croix, USVI at the EABIC church, on Centerline Road. In this interview I will explain what is Rastafarianism, where does it come from, their belief and how did they become so popular today. Rastafarians just like Christians got divided into mansions; Nayabinghi, Boboshanti, 12 tribes and others. The term mansion comes from the bible (John 14:2);” In my father’s house are many mansions”. Boboshanti is the priestly order of Rastafarians. Formed by King Emmanuel, in Jamaica, the EABIC (Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress) is the Bobo church. King Emmanuel is considered the Black Christ on earth. He is part of the trinity where Haile Selassie is “Holy Emmanuel I Jah Rastafari, Marcus Garvey the prophet and King Emmanuel the priest. King, prophet and priest, this is the Holy” trinity. Nayabinghi word was described for the first time in East Africa as a cult, where people worshiped the Goddess spirit, Nyabinghi..” One account states that in 1700AD two tribes inhabited the Uganda/Rwanda area: the Shambo and Bgeishekatwa. Queen Kitami,...
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