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Rasna : I love U Rasna
Brand : Rasna
Company: Pioma Industries
Agency: Mudra

Rasna is the market leader in the Rs 250 crore Indian Soft drinks concentrate industry. The SDC industry is miniscule compared to the 5000 crore carbonated soft drink industry ( CSD). The powdered softdrink concentrate industry is worth around 90 crore. Rasna pioneered this category and virtually owns this market with a market share of 93%. Rasna was launched in 1982 by Pioma Industries Ltd. Rasna positioned its product on the economy platform. The company aims to capture the customer's " every moments of thirst " using Rasna. Rasna tried to concentrate on three major attributes for establishing itself in the market 1. Economy per glass

2. Taste
3. Children's affinity towards the product.
Rasna always wanted itself to be perceived as a value for money product. The " price

advantage " was promoted heavily and customers were given the details of how each glass of rasna will cost compared to other softdrinks. Rasna began with 9 flavours in 1982. The 10th flavour was added in 1987. Rasna was using children in advertising the brand. Like the Johnson's baby, Rasna girl was very popular among the public. Rasna have used the catchy baseline " I love u Rasna " for decades. Even now people remember Rasna Baseline. Rasna in 2002, decided on a make over. The company no longer wanted to be a kid's drink. It dawned a new look with new logo and a new baseline " Relish a gain" highlighting the economy of using Rasna. Rasna also tried lot of new products and variants. Realising that the market has shifted to "health and natural " proposition, Rasna launched a new product "Juc fit" which is a fruit based health drink. The new Leaf logo also signifies this shift. The logo signifies value for money and health( the company claims). Rasna also entered the 1000 crore milk foods category with its Shake Up brand which has not been able to make a dent in to the highly...
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