Rare Fish Essay

Topics: Human, Amazon River, Fishing Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Arapaima Extinction
What is an Arapaima? “This is the largest scaled freshwater fish, a fish that can grow over nine feet long and can weigh as much as four hundred pounds” National Geographic. The Arapaima can usually be found in the Amazon Rivers of South America, Brazil, and Peru. Its diet is mainly of other fish but has been known to eat birds and even attack human beings. They have been caught and used for their scales and mouth full of teeth as jewelry. Which has led to overfishing of the species and they are now threatened with extinction. Why and how do humans catch such rare and amazing fish? How can we prevent the extinction of these magnificent creatures? So in order to protect these fish shouldn’t there be a law or ban of catching and killing them? The Arapaima must surface for air as does any fish but, they must surface after approximately ten to twenty minutes which is a sign of where the fish is. Because of this they are vulnerable to human predators that net them and shoot them with harpoons, and arrows. Since these are prized catches and some of the largest people tend to hunt them

down just to have a chance at catching one. In South America the Arapaima is sought out for their flesh because, they are claimed to taste really good. Based on their fossil record they have roamed since the Jurassic ages. According to a Brazilian legend the son of a chief who was considered disrespectful was dragged down below the water and became the Arapaima, known as the Pirarucu, which was the name of the chief’s son. The Arapaima was first spotted in South America where Native Americans were feeding them like pets, when eventually they would attack humans on or near the banks. When people seen what they looked like and how big they were the people saw them as monsters that needed to be removed and when pictures, and stories spread like a fairytale people came from all over the world to try and catch these creatures which lead to low population and now...
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