Topics: Writing, Dionysus, Idea Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Raquan Frazier

I. Introduction
A. Topic: why did Dionysus want to seek revenge
B. Thesis: One moment Dionysus not here, now he back to take his place as god. II. Body paragraphs
A. Main idea: To punish his mother sisters, to punish Pentheus, Also top punish the unbelievers. B. Textual evidence: I will use the book “Bacchae” and the internet as my resources. To support my main ideas. I will also use people as another resources, I can get information about my topic from their point of view. C. Analysis: It means I have to show why Dionysus wanted to seek revenge when he came back to Thebes. Why did he get so angry when he returns home? Why did he want to punish his mother sisters? Why he make Pentheus dress as a woman? III. Conclusion

A. My text show how other people in the world attend to seek revenge when they return to somewhere they miss. How the author wanted to make a point on how Dionysus felt when he came back to Thebes and found his mother died of lighting.

Raquan Frazier

An outline is the framework of your essay. It contains the main argument, your supporting evidence and the quotes you will be using. You can think of the outline as the skeleton of your essay. Why do you need to write an outline? Most people don’t know or don’t write outlines. Well if you write an outline you will know exactly what you want to write about and what to say in each paragraph. Also allow you to think through your whole essay so that you can sit down to write and still remember what you were planning to say. How do you write an outline, it’s easy all you have to do is have a pretty good idea of what you going to say? When you do you pre-writing and free-writing you can do your outline. Some question you can ask your self is what is my thesis statement or main question? What quotes will you us to support these arguments? Everyone’s outlines are different. You don’t always have to write short phrases or key...
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