Rapid Urbanization

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Work Journal 6
Social Issues: Abortion

1. Citied Article by Libby Anne entitled "How I Lost Faith in the "Pro Life" Movement". 2. a. Abortion rates will not decrease because if a pregnancy is unwanted; the mother will get an abortion illegally or legal and the shocking part is they know the risk factors like serious injury or infertility and death. Facts show that the number of deaths fell over 90%. b. The real solution is not birth control becuase you can still get pregnant; the doctors don't express that with it's a certain weight the women would have to be and that you should still be more advised by your doctors to still use condoms with the birth control. sometimes women can't afford birth conrol or insurance because it's so expensive. According to Planned Parent Hood.com without insurance birth control will cost between $60-$90 dollars per package. c. The pill is suppose to protect the eggs and make sure they don't get fertile, but instead doctor's don't tell you that it flushes the eggs out the body. The pills was for the decrease of pregnanacies and prevent abortions. d. The biggest killer is a womens body meaning a women would be better off using no birth control because the body performes it's own own abortions 20% of the time from the women own natural body functions. Birth control facts show that less zygotes will be killed with the pill. e. Why no 5k for zygotes when everything else like deceases and walking for cancer and why theres no 5k for zygotes. f. Obamas plan is to make sure everyone can get insurance and to prevent abortions from happening and to control the lives of womens seual relations. So that it can be recorded; with a chioce to have a legal abortion. g. Women should be more advised on the harm and intake of the body and to know the out's and in's because the women are not informed. Women should be held more responsible to there actions or carry to term. 3. The article was acceptable, but could of had more...
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