Rapid Fillers Vocabulary

Topics: Salman Rushdie, Pratibha Patil, India Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: December 25, 2011

Please choose the appropriate word/phrase from the list below in order to fill in the blank

1. My ______________ pricks when I cheat anybody.
2. His actions are_____________ even at 20.
3. There is no clarity in the _________________ policy of UPA government. 4. In good old days, grand parents enjoyed __________________ in a joint family. 5. He always wants to_______________ speaking in English. 6. Some people plan their lives as if they had to live___________________. 7. Russia has always been a _______________________of India. 8. The modern youth knows little of the art of writing______________________. 9. Now a days Hindi is not the_________________________ of any Indian. 10. Salman Rushdie is a writer ______________________.

11. Mr Mehta is the ___________________manager at Wipro.
12. MNCs have an advantage ________________local companies. 13. ____________letter no. APT203, I want to remind you that I am waiting for the replacement of faulty refrigerator. 14. I had the privilege of having a _____________with Dr Pratibha Patil. 15. The ruling class is generally interested in maintaining ___________________. 16. The rationalists dismiss astrology as nothing but __________________. 17. Since he paid for the car, he is the _________________owner. 18. She performs well on guitar,violin,tablla________.

19. The Taj specially invited the _________________from Japan. 20. His intention was_____________________ ab initio.
21. By working _________________we can do the job well in time. 22. You have a choice: you may travel by rail or _________________by road. 23. All the _________________smugglers who were operating in this area have been arrested. 24. The abolition of bonded labour is a ________________measure. 25. You are tired;_________down and rest.

26. He ____________on the beach enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 27. He has ___________in bed all...
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