Raphael Sanzio

Topics: Rome, Raphael, Italy Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: February 25, 2008
Raphael Sanzio was a great Renaissance
painter and architect. As a young man,
Raphael worked as an apprentice at Pietro
Perugino's art workshop, which inspired
him to pursue a career in the arts. When he
was twenty he moved to Florence, which
was where he was exposed to Da Vinci's
and Michelangelo's work. Although Raphael learned
from both men, and made use of their exploration of
the human anatomy, it has been said that unlike Da Vinci
and Michelangelo, Raphael added sentiment to his paintings.
His time in Florence proved to be a very productive period
of time in his career. Five years later Raphael moved to
Rome. There, he was commissioned to paint some
rooms in the Vatican. This was a great
accomplishment and honor for a man only 25 years
of age. One of his most important papal
commissions were the Raphael Cartoons, which
were made for Leo X. They were a series of 10
cartoons, with scenes from the lives of Saint Paul
and, Saint Peter. Raphael died at the young age of
37. Strangely, his death occurred on the same date
as his birth. At his father's request he was buried at the Pantheon. The Pantheon is a historic building in Rome, which was originally built as a temple. Engraved on his headstone are the words "Here lies that famous Raphael by whom Nature feared to be outdone while he lived, and when he died, feared herself to die." Raphael was an artist of great success, he possessed qualities that no other artist at the time possessed, sentiment and ease.
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