Rape: Sociology and Age Bears

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Rape is a social evil that continues to reach massive proportions. It has ruined many lives and continues to do so at a disturbing rate. All social statuses are susceptible to becoming a victim. No one is safe, and age bears as a nonfactor. From infants to senior citizens to corpses, rape has become a monstrous symbol of power in an unjust world. For years, rape has been taking place yet there has not been any proven reprimand to eliminate it. The only way that I know to diminish the ugly crime of rape is to remove the physical cause, therefore ceasing the craving. Yes, I am suggesting castration. My proposed solution may sound overrated but not as overrated as the crime of rape is itself. No prison term has been able to cure this sickness. No counseling has been of any aid to changing the psyche of the alleged rapist or, in short, curves his desires. Rape is still an ongoing problem. The idea of castration seems to be sufficed for such a crime. I can only hope that our legislators will acknowledge the justice for such a law. It can and it shall eliminate the inglorious crime of rape. With the proper solicitation to our representatives, our senators, more affirmative action can be taken for the crime of rape. It is the only “sure cure” for this growing problem in our society. “Punishment fit for the crime.” Can you think of any other solution more feasible than what I have proposed?
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