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The joy of being young

Each age brings its own disadvantages and challenges and of course youth age is not an exception. As a first disadvantage, young people usually lack financial independence. A second common challenge that they have to deal with is peer and family pressure. A third disadvantage is making frequent mistakes due to their lack of real life experience. In addition to the mentioned, adults sometimes show disrespect toward them and usually don’t take their opinions seriously. However, being young has a lot of advantages that make these disadvantages seem trivial or at least bearable. Being young means enjoying good health, learning new things, and having no responsibilities.

Firstly, the majority of young people naturally enjoy good health. Most of them live a life that is free of diseases. Unlike old people, they don’t suffer from high blood pressure , heart attacks , or diabetes . They also enjoy good and straight posture which keeps them away from back pain and neck pain . In addition, they have good looking bodies and attractive appearance. For instance, they have pure skin and healthy complexion. They also have strong muscles. White , strong, and healthy teeth and beautiful smiles are additional things that young people enjoy. Furthermore, they don’t have frequent hearing or seeing problems. As a result, they don’t have to use any aids . Moreover, they don’t need to go to the doctor for regular check ups.
Having a healthy body, gaining knowledge about any aspect in life, and having no commitments are some of the benefits of being young. But are young people ready and willing to take what life gives to them? It's often said that the youth are too young to appreciate what they've got, so they have to...
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