Rape in Today's World

Topics: Rape, Abuse, War rape Pages: 5 (2005 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Eve Ensler creates a safe haven for girls all over the world, in every situation in the protection of her words. The simple idea this novel is for the bringing together of women through sharing their stories allowing them to relate. Women are always blamed for being raped, they either dressed too provocatively or that they had it coming to them. In today’s society women are taught many different was to avoid getting raped which doesn’t seem to make a change in the rape victim cases around the world. Rape has many traumatic side effects of the helpless victims like, STD's, emotional problems, social problems, unwanted pregnancy, and marriage/relationship problems. We as people should teach our children, but especially our sons, not to rape instead of teaching our daughters how not to get raped. Rape around the world is a serious epidemic. As women we are constantly taught ways on how not to get raped. From a very young age women are taught not to dress provocatively, watch where they walk, don’t lead men on, don’t walk alone especially at night, don’t drink too much, be careful who they talk to, don’t go out at night, carry their keys between their fingers, and much more. Young women and girls should have to worry about dressing too provocatively or going out alone or even drinking too much. Why is it that we are told these things? When women are blamed for being raped what message are we sending to society? Rape is never the victims fault, blaming the victim is basically telling everyone that it is okay to rape. What if a child were to hear this, they would grow up thinking that raping is okay and would make their victim think that it was also their fault. Rapists would internalize the opportunity and then act out on it if we keep on blaming women for being assaulted. If men were taught not to rape, women who have been raped would feel safer along with the rest of the world. A woman known as Zerlina Maxwell, who is a political analyst and also a survivor of being attacked wrote, “Yet we struggle to find ways to avoid patterns of victim blaming and many of us would rather advise women on the precautions they should take to avoid being raped as opposed to starting at the root of the problem: teaching men and boys not to be rapists in the first place.” If we can get this message across to all the young men in the world now, there will be a better and safer future for the next generations that come. Authors like Eve Ensler play a great role in helping spread the word on teaching men about rape. By writing I Am an Emotional Creature, she is not only letting girls know that they aren’t alone but she is informing others to be safe and informing teens about the rape and abuse some teen girls face daily. Emily Aubin states “In Ensler’s introduction to I Am An Emotional Creature, written as a letter to Emotional Creatures, Ensler states that “I know we make you feel stupid, as if being a teenager meant you were temporarily deranged. We have become accustomed to muting you, judging you, discounting you, asking you - sometimes even forcing you - to betray what you see and know and feel” On the surface, this discourse of girls’ voices being heard can be seen as positive and empowering however, upon closer investigation, this discourse becomes problematic in that I Am An Emotional Creature perpetuates the silencing it claims to be working against.” Aubin as well as others can see that Ensler was just trying to spread the word about the hardships these girls face. The monologue “A Teenage Girl’s Guide To Surviving Sex Slavery” the narrator had gone away on vacation for two days but hadn’t returned for two years because she was raped by soldiers and then taken to be a sex slave. She then became pregnant, even though she did not want to have his child; the child was as much hers as his so she kept the baby. We need to educate males so that they know not to rape women, so they do not have to go through this in life.

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