Rape in India

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Murder Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Rape in India
Brittany Jones

As a woman in the United States, rape is the ultimate nightmare, but to women in India it’s everyday life. Many rape victims’ stories just show how the police in India fail to respond adequately to crimes, especially crimes involving children or women.

On February 14th, three girls that were five, nine, and 11 were raped and murdered in the village of Lakhni, India. When the girl’s grandfather reported the girls missing to the police nothing was done about it. After two days, the girls were found dead in an old water well. The bodies were reported as “accidental” deaths. Nobody took any notice to the girl’s deaths until protestors blocked a national highway in uproar of the police inaction. When a television reporter from CNN arrived in the village on Thursday, the girl’s mother said: “The first day when we filed the complaint [about the girls disappearing], the police didn’t act on it. Had they looked for the girls, my girls would have been found. This is nothing but negligence.” The government offered the family about one million rupees (currency) in compensation for their losses. After the offer the mother said “No amount of money is going to bring my girls back. I appeal to the government to catch the culprits and hang them.”

This case is a prime example of the corruption and negligence of the justice system and the government as a whole in India. In the Indian culture women and children are not looked upon as equals to men. This relates to authoritarian personality, the police aren’t handling the situations as abruptly as they would if the case were related to men rather than women or children. Theodor Adnoro concluded that highly prejudice people have deep respect for authority and are submissive to authority figures, especially in matters of religion or sex (Adorno et al. 1950). They concluded that are more of like possessions or something to own instead of human beings. It was only after a mob of people...
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