Rape Essay

Topics: Rape, War rape, Crimes Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 24, 2013
“One in 5 college women are raped during their college years.” (Dr. Kathleen Young; April 5, 2010) but what is rape? Dictionary.com defines rape as any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. This is very common here in Puerto Rico, it is so common that is has become something to expect if one plans on going out. How has this transformed into part of our daily lives? How is this possible? I cannot conceive that the fact that this is being over looked is due to the drug related crimes. This is as important as drug related crimes and even more when people related to the drug “industry” add this to their crime spree as if it were fries and a shake with the hamburger, this known obviously by common knowledge of the public.
Gibbs points out the fact that we are raised with fear but it should not be taken as something bad, it’s sad. We are told “don’t talk to strangers”, “don’t take candy from this or that person”, it is always DON’T to the potential victim but why do we have to live in fear why can’t rapist be the ones fearful they’re the ones committing the crime. Punishment should be enforced harder but not only that, rapists need help psychologically speaking. These are people who are usually victims themselves of rape. I am not excusing them, not at all but measures need to be different depending on the person just for the simple fact that we are not all the same.

Do to our differences we are entitled to our opinions but that does not mean we have to agree with each other. Mainly I don’t agree with people who say women provoke these situations due to selection of clothing. If a women dresses a bit reveling that should not be a green light for men to rape them. Reveling clothing does not equal permission to rape nor is the showing of interest towards a man. A little flirting here and there is part of the human instinct, men and women do it, it is not a crime. But men use it to get out of the sticky situation commonly using the phrase “she...
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