Rape as a Weapon of War

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Rape as a weapon of war.
Soldiers and militiamen have raped women around some village in Congo. Every day, 10 new women and girls who have been raped maybe more. Many women have been so aggressively attacked from inside out, and assaulted with chunks of wood, that their reproductive and digestive systems are beyond repair.hundreds of thousands of women have been raped,most of them gang raped. The rape as a weapon of war is about women and girls have suffered attack, leaving them physically damage and emotionally frightened. People do all kind of evil to one another and it never fails to surprise me anything till I saw this movie about rape as a weapon of war, I was so disturb by wactching those female going through all kind of emotional and physical abuse I still don't clearly understand why these soldiers are going from place to place and rape women and why they want to destroy women? 11-14 year old girls and rapes them until they get pregnant. It seems to me the Congo government seems unable or unwilling to stop them. Im not sure if It is a way to that communities accept the power and authority of that particular armed group.

I hope and pray that Congo people would get rape education one day and I hope I can help these women and the children and, teach them because no matter how it happened rape is frightening and traumatizing. People who have been raped need care, comfort, and a way to heal.
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