Rape and Hunger Games

Topics: Margaret Atwood, Rape, James Bond Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Pornoviolence and pornography have been around since early ages due to the high popularity. And even though it has been around since before Jesus it just keeps more popular and more socially acceptable the more time goes by. Tom Wolfe and Margret Atwood both lay emphasis on how this is brainwashing people and has been throughout history. And even though this is true it is only getting worse the more days pass in today’s world. In the past it was acceptable to put graphic showings of murder, rape, or any type of pornoviolent material on television, in Magazines or anywhere out to the public. Now when you are sitting at your house watching your television every other show has some type of violent or crude act. And as these types of showings come up in society it will only brainwash people and crime will go up too.

In Tom Wolfe’s “Pornoviolence” he talks about how pornoviolent material has come up throughout the years. And is only becoming more popular. Form old shows like Gunsmoke to more recent like James Bond movies, he lays emphasis on how it affecting people and changes people. This is true in so many ways. Even videos games have made their way to be more pornoviolent than shows you watch on TV. It no longer the less violent Super Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, or Frogger, now its games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty where you are in control of a killer. Grand Theft Auto, you go around with guns shooting civilians, stealing cars, and running away from police, is a prime example of today’s entertainment. And really it is the younger crowd’s idea of a good time. People are brainwashed by games and shows like these. “It’s a pleasure! No doubt about that!”(Wolfe) Tom Wolfe says. This is the mindset of many people today as they watch violent shows and play graphic video games.

In Margaret Atwood’s “Pornography”, Atwood asks the question “What is the harm?”(Atwood) She answers herself in this passage. Pornography is the biggest in sixteen to twenty one year...
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