Rap vs Classical

Topics: Rapping, Rakim, Eminem Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: October 4, 2010
I’m going to share my personal speculations on rap music versus, classical music. Born in a family of Jehovah’s witnesses, I personally enjoy all types of music, rap being the only one I detest . In perspective classical music is much more soothing than rap can ever be. Rap tends to discredit and disfigure woman.

Rap started in the late 1970’s. Rap to me is a cluster of drug dealers, and hood rats rapping telling young kids there troubled child hood stories. Rappers use vulgar language, that many times offend woman with there impure lyrics. Most of the time I try to listen to rap I hear absurdities that force me to change the song or station.

Classical music has been around since the 18th century. Classical music ,

traditionally perceived that only upper-class society has access to and appreciation for

classical music, or even that classical music represents the upper-class society, that’s

false. Day by day I listen to classical music. I’m infatuated by classical music its calm

and always alleviates what ever burden or hardship I have in mind.

The difference is very noticeable in sound. The listeners and audience of the two

types of music are very different as well. Classical music and rap music are also both

viewed very differently in society. As you can see I’m fascinated by classical music. Its

elegant, admirable, and fascinating. You don’t have to be the crème of society to listen to

classical music. Rap music on the other hand is unacceptable, unsatisfactory ,and

atrocious music you don’t learn anything from .If you listen to classical music often

you’ll become inspired, harmonious, and tranquil.
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