Rap Music: Negative Influence on Pop Culture Today

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Rap music has made a negative influence on pop culture today. It has led to gang attacks, vulgar language and actions, and inappropriate clothing style. Although some rap has a good meaning to it, and lets people express the way they feel, it still has impacted pop culture in a negative way. Everyday I see kids, even of young age, singing a rap song that uses dirty and inappropriate words, and sagging their pants so everyone can see their butt. Rap music gives pop culture the wrong idea about the use of drugs and alcohol, they make it seem fun and cool, and everyone has to do it. All together, rap music is a negative influence on pop culture.

It is sad to say, that a loved one has been killed by a gang member or a “thug” because or what rap music can do to you. Rap music makes you act out violently. For example, “two men were shot to death outside of the Eden Nite Club, which was staging a "Pimp, Thug, & Ho" party” (Linking Rap Music to Violence). This shows that gangs go to these party’s, prepared to kill anyone at any time. Also, police in Colorado are saying that “gangsta rap is contributing to the violence, luring gang members and criminal activity to local nightclubs” (Linking rap music to violence). Just as I pointed out before, there are gang members ready for criminal activity anywhere, anytime. Again, the police say that “When you have music that says it’s basically OK to treat women poorly, to steal things, and to confront and shoot police officers, you'll attract a small percentage of the population that wants to lead the thug life" (Linking Rap Music to Violence). As bad as this sounds, this is the real life, rap is real, and it makes people act out in harmful ways.

Jannino 2

I feel very lucky to go to a private school. My friend that has grown up in a rough neighborhood has gone to some rough schools growing up. The very first day of junior high he got beat up because he was wearing a blue t-shirt. Apparently, blue t-shirts stand for a gang,...
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