Rap Music Leads to Crime &Should Be Labeled a Deviant Behavior

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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We need to impose law and sanction authority upon rap music that is verbally racist, demoralizing and abusive. Rap music has played a huge role in this generation for kids, ages 13 to 18 and has powerfully influenced their thoughts as rock music influenced teenagers in the past. The difference is that a lot of rock music talks about love, political activeness, or sometimes the telling of a simple story. All in all rock music for the most part was not as derogatory as rap music is today. Sometimes rock music could contain subjects such as violence, and the use of mind altering drugs as lyrical subject matter. Conversely Rap music lends itself to subject matter promoting violence, gangs, drug use, racist lyrics, and an overall negative perception of females. The proposal is to institute law defining writing, singing and selling rap music that uses lyrics that demoralizes, portray racism or is mentally abusive as illegal and arrests and fines imposed. “Stop Rap Now Protect Our Children’s Future” This proposal would allow the state to have the right to audit and inspect the lyrics and records of the rappers. The law would not discriminate based on culture or status among individuals eligible to write, sing or publish. The same limitations would apply to all rappers. It should subject rappers to sanctions (imposition of civil financial penalties) for failure to comply with law, for using foul language, for discriminating based race and for misrepresenting information. The idea of this proposal is to lead a type of moral crusade against such actions that teach hate. In the way we do that is we take the problem, focus it and head at it straight on. There is a rational and justification for this law. Rap music has enjoyed popularity in American culture. It is a musical art form that tells a story in a fast, shortened word fashion while providing a heavy background beat. The content of rap music covers a wide range. Rap has changed America not only with the message it sends, but with clothing, language, and all the culture it comes with. We can see the power of influence Rap music has had on the recent generation through the 1990s West Coast vs East Coast hip hop scenes in the United States. The rivalry ended in a violent and deadly way, as we can see through the Tupac and Notorious B.I.G murders. Rap music had the power to get completely different coasts and fans to feud with each other on a violent scale and should cause concern. Some rappers use it as an outlet for comments on social and political issues or praising a corrupt lifestyle. Many rap songs praise criminal behaviors or express hatred for woman. Rappers tend to objectify women through sexually explicit lyrics and take pride in drug sales or murder. Some rap songs even advocate the killing of police officers. Rap music can be misleading and degrading to any culture based on the words chosen. Many lyrics send a negative portrayal of cultures, woman, and races. These lyrics tend to lead the person listening to believe it is truth and the way life is. Young people listen to this music and become infatuated with the lyrics, the lifestyle, and abnormal mentality that are portrayed in this music. Rappers are deep and gifted lyricists who create a musical torture for the world. The words show disrespect among the people. Rapping is a form of speaking and educating. We must regulate it. Rap music seems to justify a person blasting these songs from their cars with wide open windows, exposing people to it that do not necessarily want to hear it. Analysis shows it is frequently repeated on the radio and is even censored on some stations. If censored, obviously its words raise a brow for concern for those listening. It can be said that rap music destroys ones soul, which is your mind, body, and spirit. Rapping about violence, hatred, promiscuity, drugs, weapons, murder, and death is the best way for our culture to continue to be dormant. We need to...
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