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Rap Music

By | November 2005
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I can recall the cold weekend in November after I got my drivers license and my strong urge to go to a dance club on a venture to bond with new faces. The only information I knew about this small, local boom-room was the age limit, dress code and the cover price. When I arrived at the club with my 3 high school friends, we were more than astonished by the overly crowded parking lot that looked similar to tailgate parties at a National Football Game. After paying at the door and getting carded for an ID, we passed through the doors that would lead me to a shocking personal experience. The nightclub was composed of 2 luxurious floors, 1 wooden deck, and 1 laser-lighted VIP room. From the very moment I stepped through the entrance, I could feel the bass from the sub woofers punching at my eardrum. Due to the floods of teens on the dance floor, I felt that my mobility was limited and I knew that this could be a serious fire hazard. It felt like the hip-hop DJ never stopped spinning the new hit singles he would pull from his large selection in a nearby cardboard box. As the music blared, the crowds of people on the dance floor continued to form into huddle-like groups on different sides and corners of the room. I figured that these clusters were nothing but circles of close friends but would soon realize that these groups were actually local street gangs from the poor neighborhoods in my town. As the night came to a close, the DJ threw on a couple more hit records to the likes of the audience. One of these records by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys, however, fell under the category of "Gangsta Rap". "Put your Hood Up", a mere 4 minutes of vulgarity and severe profanity is a song that parents and guardians need to know about. The song starts off with Lil' Jon howling "Aye, check this out I need all my real niggas and bitches to look around the muthafuckin' club. If you see a nigga and he throwin' up a set and it aint yo' set or it aint yo' click, I want...

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