Raoul vs. Phantom

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Christine Glaude

Some of the most debated Phantom of the Opera topics on the Web are as follows. Raoul or Erik (the Phantom), who is superior to the other and who did Christine Daae truly love? Would The Phantom have given her a normal life the way that Raoul could? Who should Christine have ended up with? Although popular opinion tends to be in favor of Raoul, Erik is the right choice.

Of course, the goal in answering the first question is to explore the ways of how each man loved the beautiful, young and enchanting songstress, Christine Daae. Raoul de Chagney, the youthful Baron of France, expresses his love for Daae in a romantic, emotionally controlling technique. It is said that the two were childhood sweethearts, but that they had not seen each other since their early teens. Even so, Christine falls back in love with the handsome, strapping, rich Baron. The two naïve, young lovers are ready to hurry to the altar after reuniting by chance in the grand opera house. However, an obstacle impedes their route: The Phantom of the Opera. After giving her debut performance on stage, Christine is visited by a secretive, mysterious, masked man. Daae learns that this “angel” is the renowned Phantom of the Opera and that his presence is marked by his pleasure with her talent. The distinguished Phantom seduces Christine and leads her to his underground chamber where he proceeds in singing his masterpiece. This song alone allows Erik to express his passionate feelings of enduring love to her. “Music of the Night” intrigues Christine and causes her to be spell-bound by his charms. Christine is able to see past the infamous mask that dresses the musical genius’ face. Unlike, The Phantom is embarrassed of his scars, and when Christine peels back his mask to see his actual face, he regresses and pushes her away, causing her to become confused. Whereas Raoul displays the typical courting approach, Erik’s is alluring.

Without doubt, the next question is a...
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