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Grafitti is a term used for describing the kind of art painted on the walls of the street or any flat surface visible to the public.1 But as time pass, graffiti evolved from a plain drawing or writing about political issues and social commentary to a randomly created writing of gangs and groups.2 Today’s graffiti are hardly understandable and mostly offensive and these reasons are worth receiving rants from people. People rant about graffiti because it makes the surroundings look dirty, it sometimes shows offensive writings and drawings, and most of all, gangs and groups does it on someone else’s wall. This kind of act towards art is offensive and disturbing. Like other people, I also get agitated whenever I see those graffiti on the streets. And what makes things worse is when I saw graffiti on our house wall. I know that people making graffiti wants to express themselves but using other people’s property is an act I hardly accept. And what they write is not a simple, understandable drawing or writing, it is purely forms and randomly created lines that make it to look more disturbing. When we cover their graffiti drawings, the makers of it will come back and paint again senseless drawings on our walls. I do not understand what they get from making those graffiti because, first, it does not help beautify the surroundings and, second, it does not contain any message that ordinary people c understand.

I value art so much. Seeing things, like what they make of graffiti of today makes me angry and disappointed to them. People who just spray paint on someone else’s wall does not take advantage of what graffiti can actually do, and that is to convey proactive ideologies. 1. Susan A. Philips, “Grafitti Definition: The Dictionary of Art,” Art Crimes, http://www.lib.monash.edu.au/tutorials/citing/turabian-footnote.html (acessed November 12, 2012). 2. Justin Longo, “A Full History of Graffiti,” New Century College :...
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