Rant Assessment

Topics: Movie theater, Box office, Film Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Rant about going to the cinemas!
The things that infuriate me when going to the cinemas
1. People who take forever deciding what they want. They get their ticket and then what goes on after that goes on ceaselessly. Their like Richie Rich ordering his Christmas list. 2. Anyway after I buy my long awaited ticket I look to see what screen my film is in and BOOM! It’s at screen 2473! Yh thanks for that Odeon. It’s like you want me to run 10,000m before I go to watch the film. Who do you think I am Mo Farah (do the Mobot) 3. When I do eventually finish the strenuous 10,000m I go to my seat. Wait until the lights finally go off and then finally I’m thinking it’s time to watch the film but no. The useless, time wasting adverts come on! They are absolutely diabolical! They are filled with nonsense about turning your phone off and the consequences if you don’t. Disgraceful 4. One of the main things that make me want to rant is people who arrive late to the film. They are annoyingly arrogant. For instance you are sitting down watching the film, and then an idiotic late comer turns up and walks straight in front of you at a snail's pace so that you can’t see anything. Utter stupidity. 5. This leads me on to people who go on their phones. You’ve already watched the pathetic excuse for not going on your phone yet you still disobey their rule. 6. Finally the most aggravating thing that people do at the cinema is gossiping! Why? Oh why do you go to the cinema to have a gossip? The irritating thing is these people are normally the loudest, ear deafening people in the world! It totally ruins the film and makes me want to avoid going to the cinema ever again!
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