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Job evaluation by ranking method
Job evaluation by ranking method
1. Overview of ranking
The ranking method is simple to understand and practice and it is best suited for a small organization. Jobs are compared to each other based on the overall value of the job to the organization. The ‘worth’ of a job is usually based on judgements of skill, effort (physical and mental), responsibility (supervisory and fiscal), and working conditions. 2. Advantages of ranking

• Simple. “Alternation” method ranks “highest” then “lowest,” then next “highest,” then next “lowest”. “Paired comparisons” method picks highest out of each pair • Fast
• Most commonly used
3. Disadvantages of ranking
• Comparisons can be problematic depending on number and complexity of jobs • May appear arbitrary to employees
• Rank judgements are subjective.
• Can be legally challenged
• Unreliable
• Difficult to administer as the number of jobs increases

Job evaluation helps to determine a job's relative worth. There are different methods that can accomplish this. One method is the ranking method. According to Gary Dessler, founding professor of business at Florida International University and textbook author, "the simplest job evaluation method ranks each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on some overall factor like 'job difficulty' ". There are five steps in the job ranking method. Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need:
* Compensable Factors
1. 1
Perform a job analysis. A job analysis determines in detail the specific duties and requirements of a given job. Perform a job analysis by using questionnaires and interviews. A draft of the employee's job analysis will be reviewed by the supervisor to determine accuracy, and from this information a job description is developed. The duties listed in the job description are typically the basis for ranking jobs. The job evaluation ranking method normally ranks jobs according to the whole job...
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