Rangers Apprentice

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English Book Report
May 3, 2008

The Ranger’s Apprentice, book four: Battle for Skandia is filled with adventure and excitement. John Flanagan is the writer of this thrilling book. This book captures the imagination of any whom may read it. The fictional story about a great journey and war makes the reader believe that they are in the story. The Rangers Apprentice is about a boy named Will, a princess named Evanlyn, Wills teacher Halt, and Horace, Will’s friend, a great knight. Will, the main character used to dream about being a knight, but found his calling as a ranger. Rangers serve their king and vow to protect the kingdom from thieves, and other criminals. A couple of the many rangers’ skills are using the bow and arrow and throwing knives. The people in town whisper how the rangers are ghosts because of their ability to disappear and reappear so quickly. Will has learned from his teacher Halt all about tracking and other skills that rangers use. Book four of the Rangers apprentice begins with Will and Evanlyn hopelessly trying to make their way back home to Araluen. These two were captured after the great battle with Lord Morgarath. They were taken by a wolf ship to Skandia where they became slaves. Evanlyn received cooking duty, but Will was not as fortunate and got assigned to yard duty. During the freezing winter Will was freezing and got addicted to warmweed, a drug that helps someone stay warm but leaves them weak and like a zombie. Halt and Horace were traveling to save Will and Evanlyn as they found out that Skandia is at the brink of war!

Meanwhile Evanlyn is taken by the Temujai warriors and Will has to find a way to save her before Skandia fights the Temujai. Will, still struggling from warmweed’s effects knows that Evanlyn will be killed and that time is running out. Also Will and his friends must help the Oberjarl (leader of Skandia) stop the Temujai before they move on and attack Wills homeland Araluen This quote by...
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